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Originally Posted by Scarf View Post
San Francisco (where I don't live but visit often) has a lot of vintage shops and specialty stores. Especially hats. There seem to be hats everywhere.

There are thrift stores in my own town, but they're probably a lot like yours and have nothing good in them. I wouldn't know though, since I never bother with them.
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Seeing as though I'm vacationing to California soon and will be near that area, I kind of want to try them out and see. Speaking of hats, when I was younger, I was absolutely obsessed with fedoras. Fedora this, fedora that. The day I finally tried on a fedora of my own, it looked god awful on my head for some reason and my dreams of being a famous fedora model were shattered. However, I feel that now fedoras might look better on me, so I've been aching to find some new ones. Of course none of the stores around me carry any, at least not nice ones, so perhaps I could pick some up in San...

On the regular topic, what does everyone think of Kimora?
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