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Originally Posted by glitchguy View Post
It seems that if you decide to name your starter given by Joseph the game makes you name Eevee and you still have it later.So i don't think thats fixed yet.
How many times have I re-scripted, investigated, and tested that event, and still it's bugged? x,x

Originally Posted by Ash493 View Post
Tsch... DJG, cutting Flamethrower's power?! How could do this to us :/
I don't really remember why I did that, though I seem to recall seeing its base power like that on the newer PKMN games.
*checks serebii*
You know what? Never mind. I'll change it back. *whistles*

Originally Posted by glitchguy View Post
Okay...I just entered Twinkle town's PC and was warped to Vulcan town.
Has this happened to anyone else?I might have the wrong ROM or something.
I must have forgotten to change the warp back when I was testing Vulcan Town.
I'll fix it then.

Originally Posted by 4thGenAce:D View Post
Um, isn't Vulcan Town the one with the volcano event? That's past the present beta. HAHA.
Yeah, it is. The events there aren't done yet though...


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I have uploaded a fixed version of the beta.
Here's the change log~
POKéMON SkyLine Beta 1.2 (Fixed) Information
POKéMON Changes...
- Fire-type PKMN (legendaries excluded) can now learn Flamethrower at a higher level.

POKéMON SkyLine Beta 1.1 (Fixed) Information
POKéMON Changes...
- Flamethrower's base power has been changed back to 95 from 55.
- The Pokémon Center's warp in Twinkle Town has been fixed.

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