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I've been busy with Christmas and enjoying the cold-snowy weather, but I guess it's time to stop pushing this update away and just get it done:

Mono-Ice challenge: Crystal

- Started game, named myself Ethan and chose Chikorita so rival would choose Cyndaquil
- Did Elm's errand and encountered ??? then named him Silver
- Hacked in a Lv.3 Wild Sneasel and nicknamed him "Sly"
- Made my way to Violet City and defeated Falkner with ease
- Hacked in a Lv.4 Wild Swinub and nicknamed him "Pumba"
- Climbed up Sprout Tower, then beat the Elder and received Flash
- Made my way south to Union Cave
- Cleared Union Cave and arrived in Azalea Town
- Met Kurt, then kicked Team Rocket's asses out of the Slowpoke Well
- Entered Azalea Gym and battled the gender confused leaderBugsy
- Showed Silver whose boss, then ventured in to Ilex Forest
- Hacked in a Lv.7 Shellder and nicknamed her "Pearl"
- Made it to Goldenrod City and entered the Pit of Hell known as Goldenrod Gym
- Made my way to Whitney, then put that annoying-cheap ass-crybaby in her place
- Hacked in a Lv.10 Lapras and nicknamed him "Plesio"

Well, I don't know when I'll update next, I'm to busy enjoying "Ratchet & Clank" on my new PS3 right now. Oh, and it's a little late but have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year everyone!
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