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EI've made my dominant SU, and I shall finish it later.

Name: Doron
Nickname: RockHead
Race: Goron
Sex: Male
Age: Apparently Goron's don't have an age, so he's ageless. If he has to have an age he's 65.
Career: Mason

Appearance: Doron is an average looking Goron, but he is a foot taller than the the normal Goron height. His left hand is gone, and in its place is a metal hammer that he uses in his masonry that can also double as a weapon in a fight.

Personality: Doron is a very gruff fellow. His old age has made him short of patience, even more so than a young Goron. He is always in a hurry to do everything, be it eat or finish a detailed archway. Once you can convince Doron that you are a good friend, he is loyal unto the end, but if he distrusts you, you might as well try to lead a mule to water. Doron's pig-headedness is know throughout the land of Hyrule. He has won every argument he has been in, even with...woman. He speaks very loud because his left ear was left deaf from an incident with an orphan and a statue...he doesn't like to talk about it, and he can't hear himself speak unless he shouts. His tendency to guard his friends in a fight is known throughout the Goron City, and is even know to have rumors in Castle Town. Whenever the brute fights, he uses his hammer-hand and firey-fist combo to decimate his enemies in seconds. He tends to drink an ungodly amount of ale when he's sad....or happy for that matter. He drinks it when he's excited too....Point is he drinks a lot of ale, no matter how he feels. The alcohol calms his nerves. The old man sculpts and fights better when he's drunk. His eye for detail is stunning when you consider is age. He can spot the slightest flaw in a wall's base from fifty meters.

History: Doron was born in Goron City many, many, many years ago. He was a large baby from the start. From an early age he grew rapidly and by age four, he was 4'3. On his fourth birthday, he had his father take him to see the different areas he could work in in the future, after an intense " Yes No" war. First he saw the sentries watching Dodongo Cavern. Doron felt it was too boring, so he made his father move on. The next area he saw was the forgeworks. He enjoyed watching the blacksmith work the metal, but he felt it wasn't for him. The third area he visited was the masons' workshop. He felt a particular draw to this area, and he begged his father to see the head mason, Horon. When he brought his son to Horon, the mason gave him a hammer, a chisel, and a hunk of stone and told him to work it. After fifteen minutes of intense work, he fashioned the Triforce. Horon was impressed. So impressed that he took him as his own personal assistant.

After years of intense work under Horon, Doron became a master mason. Horon passed on when he was forty. This was a serious blow to Doron, and he drank ale for the first time. He became an alcoholic then and there.. When he returned to the workshop he was offered the position of head mason. He accepted reluctantly. What better way to honor his dead mentor than by taking his job and doing the best he can? He did just that for fifteen years....then Ganon came. Doron would not sit quietly while the great sorceror ravaged the land. When Ganon slayed the Hero of Time, he took a handful of his fellow masons to attack an army of assorted monsters. They managed to flee, but only with four out of the original fifteen, and during the battle, Doron had lost his left hand. When they returned to Goron City, they were shamed. It was not Don Goron's will for them to go into battle. He had Doron's hand replaced with a steel one, and banished them to wander, and wonder they did for ten years, fighting monsters and drinking ale whenever possible.

Other: (If you have any other important details to add, do so here.)