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    Name: Diceon

    Race: Hylian

    Sex: Male

    Age: 24

    Career: Diceon has the skills of a seasoned blacksmith, which is a custom that has been taken by every the second borne Male in his family line for decades although Diceon has no ambition or interest in becoming a Blacksmith until he has seen the world (Which displeases his Uncle).

    Appearance: He is 5’10, slightweight and of a slightly muscular build, from working with various metals and alloys. His eye color was originally hazel but do to his sickness his eyes have become milky and have a cataract-like appearance. His hair is jet black and long, only tied back while on the road. His dress consists of an all gray tunic with a black leather pauldron on his right shoulder and brown boots and gloves. He often has a metal pole tied to his back along with a dagger, hidden in his tunic. His ears are prominently long, a sign that might have “Royal Blood.”

    Personality: Diceon finds himself highly doubtful of the three goddesses as he feels that they abandoned Hyrule during the conflict ten years ago or they might not even exist. He has an adventurous spirit, which was encouraged by his father and Azalea although he was discouraged so by his uncle He also has a phobia exclusive to just death and ReDead. Although he is a skilled blacksmith, he abandoned the profession so he could freely travel the world before he dies. He has no feud with any of the various races that occupy the lands of Hyrule because he never has seen any of them and he has no knowledge whatsoever about any of them. He has a light amount of combat abilities but he wasn’t raised as a warrior, having only trained with swords in private. Since he has a limited number of years left on the Earth, he plans to travel the world until he is too sickly to do so, then he will try to settle down early enough to be sure that his bloodline will be continued. He is morally good and won’t stop doing what’s right even if it results in a setback to himself. Heroism is one of Diceon’s strong suites and he tends to help those he can when it’s within his ability whether it’s sparing a life of someone who just tried to kill him or helping an old lady round a few cuccos. He has a strong sense of honor to those he feels deserves it and is the kind of person to honor a Hardworking Soldier over a King that treats his subordinates badly. Although he hasn’t drunk alcohol before he will have a tendency to be an alcoholic to “down his sorrows”. He also blames himself heavily for mistakes and has high standards. He’ll run from a fight he feels he can’t handle unless it conflicts with his code of honor

    History (Merged with Other):He is the younger of two brothers, his older brother serving as a guard in the Hyrule Army. Although he isn’t considered apart of the Royal Family, his family is closely associated (and often intertwined) with them as his Grandfather served them personally as a Blacksmith, and his uncle took an administrative position in the effort to restore Hyrule Castle to it’s former glory. His father served as a foot soldier in the Hylian Army previous to Gannon’s usurpation of the thrown and then as a bodyguard to various merchants at the beginning of the Golden Age, but after traveling his fourth merchant client, he never returned and there was not as single clue that revealed his fate and he was soon presumed deceased. which was the first unexplained disappearance of many during the start of the Golden Age. This lead to Diceon believing that although Ganon was gone, the world outside of the town’s walls is just as deadly as it was when Ganon was a tyrant.

    Diceon has suppressed some childhood memories due to the fact that he witnesses Gannondorf’s pillaging of Hyrule Town and he was almost the victim of a ReDead although his father saved him and his both them and Diceon’s uncle took refuge in Kakariko until Ganon’s reign ended subsequently leading to them returning to help with the rebuilding of Hyrule Town.

    He lives with his Uncle (who is also the youngest of two brothers and a blacksmith) and a woman who goes by the alias of Sheik although her real name is Azalea (which she hasn’t disclosed towards any of her housemates) and not much is known about her except for she is something of a tenant living in the same house as the two in Hyrule Town ever since they returned and she also used to be a mercenary.

    Diceon at the age of 23 was diagnosed with an unknown, non-contagious disease, which changed the appearance of his eyes, will render his left arm useless, and it also has more unknown conditions as he reaches his mid thirties and it also is bound to kill him before he turns fifty. Some believe that this disease was a curse of sorts, but Diceon dismisses this rumor as superstition. Out of a mid-life crisis of sorts, Diceon decided to roam the world before he died and make the best of his life. Although it has been a year since, he has a plan (which he has hidden to himself) to run away from home and explore the world for a few years, partially in hope that he might find the cure to his disease.

    Password: Purple Rupee

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