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    Looking back at the topic I don't think I completely answered the topic. Some of the traits I mentioned of Gengar and Giratina were somewhat general so I intend to brake it down a bit further.

    I originally came to love Gengar and its pre-evolutions on the anime episode "The Tower of Terror". That was when Ash and co. ventured out to capture A ghost type only to encounter three playful ghosts of the Ghastly line. At first they seemed a bit hostile but they were actually revealed to be more or less goofy pranksters that just wanted to have fun and wanted a friend. All that good stuff <3. Ever since I've always aimed to use a Ghastly>Haunter>Gengar in at least one play-through of each game I can obtain him and I've just like them in general. So much so Genger is like in my top 5 fav pokes.

    My fondness of Giritina started I guess with the "Giritina and the Sky Warrior" movie. Basically Giritina was depicted as aggressive at first but was actually just trying to defend its home. Not anything too deep here, but it was the only ghost poke other than Gengar that I happened to like more than usual, thus I picked him as a partner. Ghost dragon is really cool too.

    If this post were to count, I would like to lvl Ghastly plz.