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    I freaking love myself! I mean come on, I AM THE BLOODY OVERLORD, FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! I PUT THE OVER IN OVERPOWERED, MUAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAA! OK so here's a list of things I like about myself.

    - I am the Overlord
    - I am the most powerful member on Pokecommunity
    - I am an intellectually gifted individual
    - I have an analytic mind and it is near impossible for most people to beat me logically
    - I have sharp instincts and cat like reflexes which allow me to do things you wouldn't even believe were humanly possible
    - I am fit and healthy, my body is both agile and strong
    - I am talented in multiple things - karate, piano, video games, Pokemon TCG etc.
    - I have a Mathematics degree and a black belt in karate
    - I have a well paid job and am on a career path that I currently enjoy
    - I am a highly adaptable person

    Given more time I could probably list a whole bunch of other things but I think that's more than enough of me sticking my head up my own ass, haha.

    As for the final bit, on one hand yeah I'd like it if more people were logically minded like myself but on the other hand I don't want people becoming too similar to me because I pride myself on my uniqueness.
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