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    Name: Maleko "Of the sea" Akuma "Red"

    Nickname: Mal (Only used by few)

    Race: Zora

    Sex: Male

    Career: Guard

    Appearance: Maleko is an average looking Zora in great shape standing at 5'8 and weighing roughly 140. He is a blue-green color with red in him, a trait passed down from his mothers side. He has violet-colored eyes. He wears a single pauldron and a helmet which signifies him as a second rank guard. Crappy picture below (I'm no artist, but you get the gist and you will have to click on it because I suck).

    Personality: Maleko's job his his first and highest priority. He cares for the civilians of Zora's Domain than he does himself. On the job, he never jokes around and never lets his guard down. Outside of his job, though, he is a fun-loving guy with a dry sense of humor. He loves being around people, most of the time. He tends to be distant around the anniversary of the Hero of Time's fall because his father died as well trying to protect Zora's Domain prior to Ganon being sealed away. He is very honest, sometimes too honest. It will get him in trouble with females and he never seems to know why. Most people seem to really like him, though, and he easily makes new friends.

    History: Maleko's earliest memories only include his father, being his mother died in child birth. His father and him were always very close, even up to the day of his death. His father was a guard as well and was loved by all. The death of his father, which news was given to him by another guard along with his father's polearm and savings, at the age of 14 was what made Maleko want to become a guard. He had had no sense of revenge since Ganon had been sealed away for eternity and just wanted to follow in his father's footsteps.

    He started training himself immediately- constantly working out, exercising, and training with the polearm that was passed down to him. In his downtime, he would stay well read up. As he came to the age of 19, he entered the guard program. He flew it, graduating in a mere year at the top of his class. At the age of 22, Maleko became a rank 2 guard. He still currently holds this rank, though close to ranking up. He lives alone with no family, but often has friends over. He saves his money well and is quite wealthy because of it.

    As word of darkness rising, he feels fear for his people and will do whatever he needs to keep them safe. Even if he has to leave his post and his city to do so. A sense of revenge starts to arise because of the rumor of Ganon's return.

    Password: Red Rupee
    Pokemon Trainer Academy - Issac Milke
    Pokemon Plasma - Greyson Cole