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I wanna sign up! Reserve me for Hylian. If Link is...resting, what will become of Termina? O.o

Name: Kamui Ozora
Nickname: Oz
Race: Hylian
Sex: Male
Age: 21
Career: Hyrule Traveler

Appearance: He looks like Oz, the Great & Powerful! xD Like every other Hylian, Oz has long ears. He can hear from long distances, of course. He has a bowl shaped, dark aqua hair with short mutton chops. He likes that style very much. He also has a circle shaped face. He's starting to grow a beard. It's not a big beard though. His eye color is also aqua. He has that serious look in his eyes too. His eyes are a bit squinted I mean. I hope I clarified the eyes well enough. Oz wears a chain necklace, & the pendant is in the shape of a triangle. Yes, it's like one of the triforce pieces. It's just a necklace. Oz wears a yellow tunic, with decorated hems, the color red, around the edges. He wears black tights that is held with a belt. For his shoes, he sports plain brown boots. He is slightly taller than most Hylians. I'm starting to suck at appearances. It's hard trying to describe a Hylian that lives during that time.

Personality: Kamui Ozora, nicknamed Oz, is a relatively nice guy. He's always thinking about the future, & likes to shoot arrows all the time. He fancies pointy things actually. Arrows are just #1 on his Top 10 list. He's a brave type of guy who risks everything to get somewhere. His only fear though: water. He's okay canoeing over a river. Swimming is his weak point. He won't get near the water unless there is a safe procedure. Oz is very interested in the Twili. He wants to study where they live & how they act. He's very fond of them, even though he's never met one in person. Oz likes meeting new people, but gets a little tempered when they take something from him that doesn't belong to them, unless they have permission from him to hold it. Did I mention he's allergic to chickens? That means Cuccos.

History: Oz was just a newborn baby born near Hyrule Castle. His parents were great caretakers, always helping to raise the little Hylian. When he was 4, his parents sent him to Kakariko Village so he could live with his aunt & uncle for a little while. He was able to play around outside, & got to play at the graveyard. His aunt & uncle made sure he didn't wander into the graveyard during the night. Oz wondered about the well that stood at Kakariko Village. When he peeked down inside, he accidentally fell inside & started splashing around. He couldn't swim & was screaming for help. His aunt & uncle were able to hear his cry & get him out. It was a nightmare that he almost drowned. He swore never to get near the well as long as he lived.

A few days later, Oz was wandering outside when he saw strange clouds hover over Hyrule Castle. His aunt & uncle took Oz back inside so he could be safe. It was little time before Oz's parents were dead. Ganondorf had seized Hyrule, & now rules all.

Oz was not allowed to leave the premises of Kakariko Village, or even go into the graveyard. Oz wanted to see his parents, but his aunt & uncles didn't tell him the story. They weren't sure themselves. New residents were coming into Kakariko Village. The carpenters were finished with a building. During the next 7 years, Oz was stuck in this village. He wanted to go out & see the world. Being stuck in Kakariko Village wouldn't help him. Oz got to see the new building. It was a shooting gallery. Oz was given permission to go there, except during night. Oz was given a slingshot from his aunt & uncle so he could try the new place out. He enjoyed his time there, shooting little pebbles at the Rupees. It was 20 Rupees to play one game though. Of course, some of the rewards were actually 50 rewards when you hit all 10 Rupees. Oz lost on the first ten tries, having to wait to get some Rupees before from his aunt & uncle before trying again. On 11th try, Oz was actually able to hit all 10 Rupees, & got a sweet reward. He was becoming a master at shooting. This is where he got his love for shooting. At age 10, Oz was given a new bow & some arrows, since he was becoming a pro at shooting.

At age 11, Oz wandered out of Kakariko Village into the Death Mountain Trail. There was lots of boulders rolling down, but Oz made sure he stayed where he was near Kakariko Village. Out of nowhere, fire hit one of the houses near Kakariko Village. There was fire on one of the houses or so. Wood broke out of the well that hung over it. He could see from his view. Oz remembered that some kid back then roamed around here. The well was drained for some reason. It didn't matter how, Oz looked through 7 years without fear of falling into water. Back to the story. The residents were able to clear out the fire in Kakariko Village. Oz remembered some adult run around wherever he was going. He wandered why he ran to places, & why he could travel around Hyrule.

When Oz came back to the village, he found that his aunt & uncle were caught in the recent fire. They were dead. A man named Sheik was taking care of the injured. Now Oz was alone & an orphan. Nobody told him that his parents were really dead. He believed that they were just wandering around Hyrule & forgot about him.

When peace was restored in Hyrule, Oz was already staying at Impa's house, where he was being taken care of. For the next 10 years, Everything was mildy well. There were still some monsters around for some reason though. It wasn't that bad. At age 18, Oz was free to leave anywhere he pleased. He wanted to explore all of Hyrule. He packed a few stuff, his bow & arrow & left. As he traveled around Hyrule, he was hoping to find his parents, wherever they were. Oz heard stories of Twili. They seemed interesting to him, & Oz wanted to meet these Twili. With freedom to go anywhere, Oz wouldn't have to get near Cucco's that he saw almost everyday during the time he was in Kakariko Village. He sneezes a lot around them.

Other: Oz has high accuracy when he shoots with his bow. He's a master at shooting & is able to hit with precise accuracy. He goes crazy over chocolate, like a dog with a biscuit.

Password: Yellow Rupee

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