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    Name: Nadia
    Nickname: Nada (Spanish for 'nothing')
    Race: Hylian
    Sex: Female
    Age: 9

    Appearance: Nadia is exactly four feet tall and weighs about 59 pounds. Her frame is scrawny and weak looking. Her skin is fairly pale and is sporadically dotted with light tan 'beauty marks'. Nadia's eyes are a soft blue color which lie below pale brown eyebrows. Although not immediately noticeable, Nadia has dark under eye circles which seem to indicate lack of sleep. Nadia has straight jet-black hair reaching down to her chest. She wears a white dress which falls a bit below her knees, a red baggy cloak over it and worn out brown boots. Nadia only wears the large hood of her cloak if she feels threatened by something, as the cloak helps amplify her magical power. She always keeps a quartz crystal on a chain around her neck, as quartz crystals generally serve to repel negativity and protect those around them.

    Personality: Nadia can be described as a happy child, almost always smiling and having a positive attitude. She isn't one to overreact to things and remains levelheaded even in the most strained situations. Unlike most children her age, she doesn't feel the need to constantly have someone by her side to take care of her. For the most part, she can care for herself and can protect herself from moderate harm. Nadia possesses average intelligence but is very observant and notices things that other people would probably miss, and uses that skill accordingly. Nadia is incredibly sensitive to energy and can feel strong emotions of those around her, including spirits and animals. As you can probably tell, Nadia is very in touch with her surroundings. She gets along well with most people and behaves as politely as she can.

    However, Nadia can be aggressive when wary of strangers. If she gets any bad feelings from someone, she will not allow them to get anywhere near her and she can become very combative, not hesitating to attack using her magic. Although she is generally good natured, Nadia isn't immune to holding grudges against someone for whatever reason. If the dislike or even hatred is intense enough, she'll be happy to cause a person to suffer. Nadia can easily be manipulated into doing things if she's convinced that they will benefit her in some way. Even if she were to be ordered to go out and kill someone, she'd still do it if she really thought it would help her out. Despite being very in touch to both positive and negative energies, Nadia isn't very good at differentiating between right and wrong.

    History: Nadia was born in Castle Town and grew up with her father, George, in a small two story house. Nadia never met her mother, Brandy, because her parents divorced when she was a baby. George discovered that Brandy had been cheating on him, so he immediately divorced her and took complete custody of Nadia. Brandy started to become a bother as she would always show up at the house and demand to see Nadia. George wouldn't allow it as Brandy became an alcoholic following the divorce and would have violent outbursts and inappropriate behavior. After growing sick of her, Nadia's father moved himself and Nadia to Kakariko Village and they settled there. By this time, Nadia was about three years old.

    George practiced magic and made sure to teach Nadia everything he knew. Nadia was born very sensitive to the energy of those around her, so magic came naturally to her. She practiced as often as she possibly could in order to maintain control of her power. George gave her a quartz crystal and told her to always keep it on her because it would help protect her from evil.

    Even though he never spoke of it, George was struggling financially and only barely made enough money to feed and shelter himself and Nadia. Almost 24/7, the fear that one day they may no longer live in their home lingered in his mind. Nadia picked up on his negative energy but didn't know why George felt so bad all the time. She never asked him about it because she simply didn't understand serious issues like these. A few weeks after Nadia turned five, her father lost his job and not long after that, they were forced out of their home. Living out on the streets with no place to stay, the two were always hungry and almost always cold. They continued to live this way for about four months, before George was jailed for robbing a bank in an attempt to provide themselves with a better life. Nadia was left in the streets all alone at this point.

    As she grew older she consistently stole food when nobody was around to catch her in the act. More often then not, she wandered out of Kakariko Village and travelled around to other places in search of shelter and higher quality food (most of the food displayed outside in Kakariko was just bread). One day while Nadia was out walking in the cold, an old mysterious woman gave her a red cloak and told her that it would help her grow stronger. Nadia put it on and felt a lot warmer and she felt her energy increase as well. She was about to ask the woman if it would be okay for her to tag along for a little while, but the woman disappeared. After four years, Nadia became quite used to her lifestyle and was able to care for herself, especially since she never gave up training her magic. That isn't to say her magic was always successful. She also had plenty of instances where her magic simply wasn't powerful enough and she was forced to flee from danger.



    Telepathy: Ability to speak directly into someone's mind
    (Magic Consumption: Low. Only able to speak to others; cannot read minds)

    Uproar: Ability to send out shock waves by screaming
    (Magic Consumption: Depends on volume and length of time)

    Fire: Ability to create fire with the palms of her hands
    (Magic Consumption: Medium to high, as a large amount of her own body heat is used to summon this fire)

    Password: Red Rupee
    Why you act frightened?
    I am enlightened
    Your weakness builds me, so someday you'll see
    I stay away