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    Umm...Hello :].I'm a new member here,as you see...I am a bit inactive,because of school and homework...But I'm very polite.And I am also still learning english,so my grammar isn't the best.I like every generation,but 5th.I love pokemon fandons,and a fakemon I made is Drakozard (Dragonite+Charizard).My favorite pokemon are,by order,Dragonite,Charizard,Blastoise,Feraligatr,Torterra and Venusaur.I prefer trading to battling,sincerely.My favorite hobby on the games is collecting rare pokemon,then breeding them,then trading them for pokemon I don't have (I have 25 Zorua to trade).I created various pokemon fan clubs on my school,one for trading,other for battling,and the others for Pokeathlon\Contests\Musicals\Movies.And I am 13,7 billion years old, like everybody (yes,our Dna was created in one second of the Big Bang).You can call me Drago,Drako, or Drakke,or even Dragonite.
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