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    -On my way through Union Cave i caught a level 6 sandshrew.
    -Cleared the rockets from the slowpoke well using mainly Quilava and training Sandshrew where possible.
    -Went through the Azalea town gym deafeating everything in one hit with either Quilava or Butterfree

    Bugsy: This battle was far easier than i thought it was going to be, with none of his pokes even being able to land a hit on mine. Got slightly lucky that his Scyther used focus energy which gave me the chance to put it to sleep with Butterfree's sleep powder and then all it took was 3 rounds of gust to finish Scyther off and then easily defeated Kakuna and Metapod in one hit.

    Rival: This battle went near enough, exactly the same as the battle with Bugsy with me using sleep powder and gust to defeat his Croconaw and Confusion on Ghastly and Zubat.

    I honestly from past experience thought raising a Butterfree would be alot tougher at this early stage of the game, however its proved its worth so far being my most useful pokemon so far.

    Current Team:

    Lv 18

    Sandshrew (In training)

    Quilava Lv18

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