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according to my tastes, the best RPG was .....

Final Fantasy VIII .
Reason: This was my first RPG that i have played, and i like the combination between magic and technology that have that game. Besides, I loved driving the Ragnarok, and the design of Guardian Forces and the differents ways to obtain them. And the minigame Triple Triad was so adictive, but i still have the random, plus and wall rules.

In the second place i must say that the Dragon Quest 8 that was a nice surprise for me, because the great amount of additional content, like the battles with monster (like pokemon) and the armors, and i like the change of some armors were reflected in the characters when you complete all the set.

And in third place a tie between Chrono Trigger and the Final fantasy VII, because their fantastic stories, and in the case of chrono the posibility of multiple finals.

Special mention for Final Fantasy X for the blitzball minigame, that was a great minigame, even the second time i played that game, the most part of the game i occupied in playing the blitzball and founding character for my team
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