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When I saw the announcement on top of the forums, I thought it was April 1st all of a sudden xD But then I came to my senses and realized that wasn't it. And after having watched the announcement video, I have a few things to remark on.

Eh, they FINALLY brought decent animation to the main pokémon series. For crying out loud, I've been having beautiful 3D games on my phone for a long time now. But Pokémon seems kind of like the Apple of the gaming world nowadays; they now and then present something and say it's BRAND NEW AND BREATHTAKING but actually it's been by others already. Hehe.

The starters don't really excite me; I've seen fakemon starters looking better than them. I think I liked the Gen V starters more when I first saw them.

The legendaries looked really cool though, especially the X pokémon. I really hope their names aren't strained and weird. palkia! dialga! durr!

I wonder how many new pokémon they will introduce and if they are going to do like with Unova and keep them apart from the old species. Probably not though, since we saw a wild pikachu and the starters fighting Pansear and such. Yeah.
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