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    On White, I'm wandering around the hinterlands, catching National Dex pokemon. Lately I EV trained a terrific Adamant Gallade and he's been leading the team, but I've got so much good stuff that I have no idea what my team will be if/when I finally make it back to rechallenge the E4.

    On Black, I'm just about to go into Twist Mountain. My mainstays have been Samurott, Scraggy (soon to evolve), Crustle and Gothorita (also soon to evolve). I've included a Litwick a fair amount and might keep it on the team and evolve it, but I've been using a really nice Jolly Darmanitan too, and I don't need two Fires. And I've got a recently evolved Adamant Sawsbuck I want to use a bit, though I've got an awesome Modest Lilligant that's vying for a Grass position. And I've still got a Jolly Krokorok I want to spend some more time with. And a Tynamo who's getting close to becoming an Eelectrik....
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