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So somewhere between childhood and adulthood you go from being unable to gesture a gun to being able to own and be trained in the use of a gun. Well ok, then! This seems utterly ridiculous to me. Kids just mimic what they see and a six-year-old in any country that's never seen or heard of guns is a rare find indeed. At the nursery school my mum used to work at (in England, if anyone's wondering - this was unrelated to seeing guns in real use) kids had a tendency to do stuff like build guns out of lego or whatever and all they were told is that "we don't like guns here" lol. Fair play, this kid was a bit older, but probably still didn't understand what they were doing wrong and had likely not even heard of the event which undoubtedly brought this about. All they needed was telling that the gesture was inappropriate. *shrug*
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