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    Species: Eevee
    Nickname: Shiranai
    Shiny: Yes
    Trait: Adaptability
    Level: 1
    Gender: Male
    IVs: 0/1/0/1/20/13
    Moves: Tackle, Helping Hand, Wish, Yawn
    Shiranai is the Eevee of the unknown time with the start of every new year. This creature appears to help determine the needs of the year. Shiranai is always noticed by his shiny coat that differs from the normal Eevees that roam the planet. He will approach a person within the village that he appears near to choose his master. However to determine what the new year brings all depends on the evolution it wants to take. So as he is in the company of his new friend and master he will choose what its form will be. Due to this it will also determine the trials and joys of the year.
    When the year is up Shiranai will find a mate to produce the next child of Shiranai for the next New Year. With that starts the cycle of the unknown once again whether it comes with joy or at a price. Its all up to the feel of the next year.
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