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I actually wish I got an aspect or title that I already did, just for consistency. But nope. XD I'm like Lt. Col. Fantastic here, got Mage of Void, Page of Space and Prince of Blood on three different tests. Speaking of which, I actually took that last test again, twice. Got Prince of Heart both tries. Guess I'm really a Prince now for that test at least, but I'm nothing like Dirk! Also I was supposed to have the Witch class because I have analytic intelligence (creative was just second) for the second personality test, but there's the gender restriction of that class, haha. Plus the Tumblr post says I should just move to the next, which was creative, so I got Prince as a failsafe. -_- So idk. lol

Me neither. It feels like Hussie's dragging the story or something. Like I thought it was gonna be some major plot point events after/during Jane's birthday but now it's just... not as serious as I expected.

I think Caliborn was just dazed or something with all the bright colors, haha. That or he secretly had a trickster / candy / caucasian fetish. But yes Jane still freaks me out a little, because she's not acting normal and this thing that's possessed her is using Jane's body to do creepy and awful things! D:< although it is sort of adorable plus forest stuff was obviously trickster mode powers haha

Also Lt., Jane did that as payback because she's secretly still angry at Jake for everything but is just too overwhelmed with happiness to say it. ;D Also because apparently Trickster Mode makes you wanna infect someone else with the disease? Kinda like werewolves, zombies etc. But yeah, I wonder what Trickster Jake's gonna look like.

I agree that the joke was hilarious though. Trickster Mode's really something.

I think they are cherubs because of the jujus and Lord English, but I don't know. It is possible that they're just created by Caliborn or maybe Gamzee again with ectobiology. But fifteen? Okay fourteen. That's a lot to make with ectobiology. How will their genes mix in so many combinations without making them look like each other? :O
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