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I'm going to try avoiding easy targets (pop artists, TV shows, books, and films that are obviously not targeted towards me. Preventing things like JB, Glee, and Twilight respectively.)

Weeaboo-ism: I struggle to see why people would see Japan as something so amazing that they prefer everything from it above everything else. Some want to go far as learning Japanese just for their anime which... will then become absolutely useless after they lose interest and they look down and realize spending so much devotion on the language wasn't the greatest of ideas (unless they actually go to Japan, of course.)

Brand Loyalty ( AKA Fanboying/Fangirling)... over anything - Despite that you love it so much, everything has their own flaws and strengths over one another. Get over it.

Furry Fandom - I understand what there is to like about it, but just not at the highest of magnitudes. While I did find this one documentary interesting, it didn't really answer my questions.

Materialism - Mostly associated with the 'Apple Cult' with needing to have the new expensive stuff as soon as it comes out. Sure some may admire you and be jealous for it, but the general population will think you're ridiculous and think you just took a lighter to your last week's pay.
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