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    I've read a fair few forums relating to this subject and I have to agree that as a business they have no reason to do this, unless pokemon starts dropping in sales.

    To start off with the DS chip memory size, I dont believe this is an issue. Has no-one honestly seen a memory stick and the memory capacity of one of those? I think its easily upgraded if need be.

    As for the leveling system, this doesnt need any changing what so ever nor do you have to restrict certain pokemon to regions. Out of all the forums I've read not a single person has thought that they could use the system they already have in place, (in the older gen games, not sure about the newer ones) what system you ask? Well what happens if you level a pokemon to 100 before you do any gyms? thats right, they dont obey you. They could quite easily do this region by region, for example you level all your pokemon to lvl 100 in the first region they wont obey you in other regions until you have all the gym badges in those regions. This would make you cycle pokemon through the regions, keep the game challenging and interesting.

    I've also seen people moan about the story and how every region has different time settings between them. Who said the regions have to have the same story as the previous games? Infact who says there has to be a story at all, personally I'd just want to catch all the pokemon and beat all leagues. Add in some of the minigames etc of earlier versions like the shows in r/s/e (I forget what they're called) and you have yourself a very playable game with untold game time.
    If this game were to be made I'd buy it for double or maybe triple what they sell the normal versions for.

    Sadly its all about the money and they will continue doing what they're doing while they're making the money they do. Hopefully one day they will decide to make the ultimate game and give us the ultimate experience.