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    Oda Baldotter
    The passage of time was nonexistant to Oda, as she weaved her way through the crowds of mansion guests and thought about the recent announcement. Though, she didn't so much think as work like clockwork. Her muscles moved without direction, following the muscle memory that they had been conditioned to work for, in those times she wandered through the town itself. She was sure her eyes were as blank as her mind, but didn't much care what any who looked on thought; the Swords were automatons to most of them anyway, for it was what they were trained to handle. Shell-shock, luckily, was a rare thing amongst their ranks; because most of them weren't true soldiers anyway. Just people wearing a badge that the people were meant to trust.

    Then came the chaos, rolling across the banquet like a ninja thundercloud that nobody could have seen coming. Except for any Swords watching the ocean, which should have given them plenty of warning about an oncoming storm. Those thoughts were pushed aside, as she pondered, briefly, the consequences of these events, and just what whoever was doing it could hope to achieve. Moreno wouldn't want to kill Nova, because that would mean everyone lost their powers, and torture would nearly kill the Papa, given his already deprived state. Petty revenge was always an option, albeit an unpalatable one. So many resources to waste, and Coin mustn't have been doing their job properly. Such large investments moving around to launch an assault like this would have been noticeable to anyone good at watching world finances.

    Nevertheless, the tread of troops would soon be upon the mansion and rummaging through their things, or burning the place down, with the belief that they were doing good for somebody. Unless they were mindless drones, who were clearly a far better alternative to genuine soldiers with things like morale and desperation, which were two key factors to winning any war. Any civilians that couldn't serve as soldiers would likely be killed, while the stashes of the Famiglia would be taken to pay for things such as weapons, fine wines, or whatever the attacker wanted. And the Famiglia would be forced to leave, which meant...

    She wouldn't be able to play her piano. Those bastards.

    Though her anger at this fact was not much more than indignation, for fury was not something befitting of any card holder, and far beneath any Sword worth the weapon they wielded, which was, curiously enough, often not a sword. A shield would have served better, if they were truly meant for protection, or some form of body armor in this day and age, but they were really there to kill the other guy before he killed them; a dubious form of protection at best. What they were losing was something precious, certainly, but they wouldn't be able to fend off this sudden army; especially not with the leaders of the Famiglia already fleeing. Her only option, at this point, was to follow Marcus' orders.

    After a brief meeting, first, as she came upon the slightly panicked Gem, who looked up at the wiser woman with some combination of fear and hope at a secret passage of some sort, perhaps. No such luck, on this island, as Oda ruffled around inside her coat for a few moments and handed it over to the maid's trembling hands. "In my room, there is a sword; take it. Carry it with you to the boat and return it to me once we regroup. In that time, it will give you strength. Do you understand?" She asked, helping Gem to her feet and meeting her eyes with a firm glamor. Gem ran off to do just that.

    Oda drew her sword and joined the group of swords that was gathering behind Marcus, ready to obey their supposed Commander's orders. She would have been far more effective working solo, as her title denoted, and better able to strike behind the enemy's lines, but orders were orders, and apparently obeying them rather than doing what was intelligent or cunning was the name of his game. Even having somebody hide in the mansion to await Moreno's arrival, and striking when he showed himself, would have been a good idea; Moreno had no ability to discover concealed opponents, to her knowledge, so it would be as simple a job as any other.

    Ah well. Holding the line, and so on.

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