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I definitely adore the graphics.

I personally feel it's a positive switch from the 2D we had with mainstream Pokemon handheld games for the longest time. The switch to 3D graphics was bound to occur eventually, and goodness am I happy that they went ahead with it on this new generation. The way the graphics look at the moment seem a bit confusing and not as bright and cheery as the other games, though... I'm hoping that they'll fix this in the final product. It just seems a little too realistic now... and I dunno about you guys, but I don't want the environment to be that way. ;__;

I want it to stay cartoon-y like it always has been...

Oh, and a note about the 'choppy' graphics... We haven't seen the game on a 3DS screen. Just on a video and screenshots that probably just came from a clearer video.

If the models for the Pokemon we've seen so far are final, or at least mostly final, the graphics will probably come up way less pixel-y and choppy on an actual 3DS.
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