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Update to Project Perfect Pokemon (P3 Challenge):

Blue: Done!
Silver: 150ish out of 251 caught!
Stadium: In Round 2, only Giovanni, the Elite Four, and Mewtwo remain!
Stadium 2: I think I beat a Gym maybe?
Sapphire: 25 caught, but I've beaten the Elite Four. Let the catching spree commence! (Also I have Feebas already lol).
LeafGreen: 62 caught, but I've beaten the Elite Four, and gotten the Ruby and Sapphire, so I can trade to Sapphire! Got a Paras (Now I just need a Scyther or Zangoose and I'll have my Spore/False Swipe Breloom!)
Conquest: I'm not starting over a new game for this one, but I'm about halfway done with the campaigns. After I beat them all I'll start working on getting perfect links with all the warlords.
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