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    Hrrrrrrr trying to think up a team for a challenge mode use. I mean to make it challenging just to play on my own.
    (the one on my sig is for black 2 once it bothers to arrive from the mail...)

    I have so far planned to have everyone evolve only once.
    • Dewott (NFE)
    • Flaaffy (NFE)
    • Flareon (Stone evo... and because I've never ever used one and there's now at least three physical fire attacks to choose from)
    • Archeops
    I'm debating between a Simisage (because stone evolution to pair with Flareon) or Sawsbuck (because I've been curious to use it before)...
    And not sure if I have anything valid to pair for Archeops. :<

    ...and if anyone wonders the "theme" is furry & fluffy

    I'm just about trained up enough for Roxie with a Dewott and Flaaffy. After the gym I'm planning to grab an Archeops egg from another game. I'm just trying to think up a proper spots where to train and who and when to add more members to the team. I mean I could've just draggen Archen in straight after Cheren's fight.

    Am free for ideas, since no one in my few friends seems to think playing pokemon is a proper way to pass time...