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Originally Posted by TaichiWind View Post
==> Username: TaichiWind
==> Prospit or Derse dreamer: Prospit
==> How far have you read: Caught up fully.
==> Answer current topic: I could go on a tangent here about why I like each act and in what aspect do I like each act more than the other ones. Why not?
Act 1:
So we get introduced to John the - originally - pretty much derp. This is my least favorite part of the comic, because of how little progress the kids make. Needless to say I turned back not long after starting the first time I read Homestuck solely because of John being a derp. (And coming back to read it was one of, if not the best decision of my life.) This is probably my least favorite act because it's just so stupid. Yeah, I get it, it's supposed to give you a feel of how Homestuck works / is going to work, but... Does that EXPLICITLY REQUIRE John sticking fake arms into a cake?

Act 2:
Enter Dave. You'd think this guy has the margin of badassery to make Homestuck cool in the early-game. And he delivers. So, looking at this act, it's pretty much similar to the first one. In a way. We've got John the derp getting used to the game's controls, and also the game is being explained to us, as intended by Hussie. Also John is less of a derp now and we get more of the trolls' antics.

Act 3:
Seriously though. This act introduces the final kid Jade and also gives us a vague idea that she might unnecessarily be a pothead (although she's only really ****ing sleepy, which has to do with her being the Space player). We also see Dave and Bro duke it out on the roof. Boy is that the coolest fight ever. Okay, maybe Super Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann vs. the Granzeboma was a little bit cooler, but it's very close. We also see some more bumbling bull**** courtesy of John as he tries to get around his house and to the gate. And Dave then gets Sburb, yay! Rose is going to enter now. So we get an epic ****ing flash about: 1. Rose entering the game, 2. John entering the gate, 3. Jade finding Sburb. That concludes act 3.

Act 4:
We get some plot advancement up in this beatch. For example, Dave and Jade figure out the ultimate alchemy stand. I want to have that at home, you just type stuff in and make it. And then. We get. Dave. Accelerate. Badass defined by an animation. And then we get Davesprite, hands down everyone's favorite sprite. We are also given (not we, Dave) the Timetables, a relic of mystical origin that allows Dave to travel through time, which becomes a central point in his journey for brodemption (bro redemption, that wasn't so hard). John also makes the paradox babies, which is kinda cool, but confusing for some people. And not long after, we cut to... Yes.
Need I even say anything?

Act 5:
Enter the trolls! Or rather, don't. Those ***holes confuse me even now. Their session is vaguely explained, kind of rushed and I don't get the proper time to explore their personal story arcs and personalities. The most EPIC one of these trolls is hands down Vriska, who is so well known that I don't need to mention anything else about her, other than the fact that she's OP. Anyways the first half of act 5 is a part I'm not so enthusiastic about, EXCEPT FOR TEH PARTS WHERE VRISKA IS BEING EPIC I should take my meds. Anyways, Act 5 Act 2 is easily my favorite arc of Homestuck because of... I'll just list this.
  • Vriska and John's relationship
  • Jade entering
  • Dave and Terezi's relationship
  • Terezi's artsy endeavors
  • Jack Noir getting to be even more evilly badass than already
  • Doc Scratch breaking the fourth wall and stuff
  • Hussie's erratic self-inserts
  • (Vriska)

Act 6:
Longest act so far and still going. Alpha session's nice, but it's a void session, so it's KINDA dull. Emphasis on kinda. It has DIRK in it. Needless to say that mandude has more potential to be epic as hell in the future than any other character (except obviously Vriska). This act COULD have made it to my top spot, but there's one thing that Hussie should never have done EVER and he did.


Why? Just... WHY? I mean, okay, it was a nice little gimmick back when it was a nice little gimmick, but now it's a fully developed game mechanic? Also, if they DARE touch Dirk and turn HIM trickster, I'll quit. Unless his glasses become badass and orange and mildly transparent. And he gets a face robot Okay, bad joke, but wouldn't it be cool if that actually happened? Also need I not forget to mention Caliborn's INCREDIBLY COMPLEX story arc. Where did he even get the gold tooth? Did he just... Alchemize it? I mean, he couldn't have gotten to the Alchemiter that fast, he's on the other side of the planet for crying out loud!

I think that covers everything.
Nice explanations ^^ I agree with Act 4, I think I'll go reread it soon actually 8D Much stuff happens and Jack is badass. I'll add you to the member's list, welcome! Hope you'll stay and join more discussions on Homestuck here.

Originally Posted by SkullKing View Post
==> Username: SkullKing
==> Prospit or Derse dreamer: Prospit
==> How far have you read: Up to date
==> Answer current topic: My favorite act was act 5, I loved the trolls to bits.
Welcome to the club! I'll add you to the first post. Hope you'll subscribe to the thread and come back and chat some :]

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