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"It would be more correct to categorize her as a free spirit, as she only does what she wants." Although she doesn't go against authority, she is not a going to take the orders of the family over the life of the closest family figure she has. If she was at her masters house during the attack, then she would've got him to a safe place then started helping. But she wasn't.

Also during an attack logic is far from a teenagers mind. An adult may be thinking straight, but teens are not so clear minded, and are not good at seeing consequences or thinking under stress.

I never complained about the post, I'm not sure when using strong language and demanding people to quiet up has ever prevented a flame war, but I can assure you I'm not complaining or whining about the event. I listed my pros, I listed my cons, and with you superiority logic that because I have RPed as much as you I have no opinion is like saying that the president is always right because he's the freaking president and knows more about politics then everyone else.

I'd also like to say the same for Lilizuki, she voiced her opinion about the event, and it wasn't positive. Not everything that people do is going to make others happy, just going to have to deal with it. It should be noted that we both voiced our opinion after we posted our characters responses to the event.
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