Thread: [Discussion] Why does ROM Hacking outshine us?
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To add to what other people are saying, I think the limitations of hacking is actually quite a positive thing...

For one, even though inserting maps can be a hassle - you already have loads of examples to mess with. Need any more maps? Not really. Can you reuse a lot of indoor maps? Yep yep.

Also the limitations of game mechanics and things is rarely a problem in pokemon games - although you might have the odd brilliant idea, most of it is going to stay the same.

I have tried both though, software, resources and the lack of (understandable) tutorials was what turned me off Game Making though. The only things that are easier are having access to such a big range of tiles and making scripts easily changable.

Edit:// Also I seem to remember some members in the game dev section being VERY critical to newbies, which put me off a lot.
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