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The second piece couldn't be captured with my crappy phone's camera, Alex. Had to go for that comic strip approach as a result. XD; Seriously, if my phone could've captured a decent pic without making it all blurry, I'd have posted merely the top left part. As for the strong cross-hatching in the Luffy drawing, I didn't think the dark parts would draw attention. I'd totally have used my thumb to blur it out a bit there if I did. And yes, that dark area above his thumb does look out of place now that I look at it. :c I'll try not to repeat mistakes like these again the next time I do something of the sort, I promise! :D Onto the second drawing - you're right about the swordsman's head being a little small for his body. I didn't notice it because I never really pay that much attention to proportions while drawing. XD; I'll try to keep that and appropriate perspectives in mind!

And no promises about drawings, Alex. They consume too much time - something that's not in my hand right now. But you can look forward to more stuff in the month of april-may, maybe. You can take a look at some of my old stuff here, though. :p

Anyway, some of my messy updates along with stock (click 'em):

Yeah, I know it has too many effects. Very messy stuff, indeed. :c
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