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    Originally Posted by Razor Leaf View Post
    I think a better question is why Drakow got punched in the nose yesterday...
    It was at karate training. I was sparring a black belt and I reckon I pissed him off a bit because of my tendency to low kick the opponent in the thighs and stomach jabs (he's a big man so it's better for me to attack his stomach rather than his face). He's like 35-45 years old so you know, he can't be letting a kid like me land too many attacks. So yeah he's obviously a lot more experienced than I am and when he saw an opening he jab punched me in the nose. It was so fast I couldn't even see it until it had hit me, even with my supposed cat like reflexes. I let out an "Arrgh!" stumbled back and grasped my face with one of my hands. My vision blurred up because of the tears that were forming up in my eyes. I put my guard back up to continue the sparring but he told me to "take a breather", which was very much welcomed because I was breathing so hard at that point, due to the impact of that punch.

    Here's a video of me 'conditioning my body'.

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