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On one hand this really has little to do with me because I'm Australian (except for the whole ANZUS thing) so I don't know if my opinion is even valid, but screw it I'm giving it anyway.

Whilst this is probably just another WE HAVE NUKES SO BE NICE kind of a deal it is still fairly frightening even for me all the way down here. The possibility of nuclear war just doesn't give me warm fuzzies and although I'm fairly confident in the USA's military and in Obama I still don't like to think of the casualties that could occur. It honestly makes me wonder why everyone always has to play the "we have a big bomb" card right of the bat instead of aiming for a non-violent, diplomatic solution that doesn't involve threatening to start World War III.
*Cue loud playing of "Why Can't We Be Friends"

From the perspective of my own country, if you guys went to war we'd be in one hell of a predicament because we have very strong relationships with both the USA and China right now. If North Korea goes to war with you ANZUS basically forces Australia and New Zealand to assist you but China is also an ally of Australia at this point in time and they are very supportive politically of North Korea. So things could get very weird down here and our politicians would probably go insane.

Well there's the general perspective and how I feel it relates to my own country (because I bet people really care about the second one when they could possibly be getting nuked).

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