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Originally Posted by droomph View Post
oh, north korea.

When will you realize that we don't caaaaaaaaaare.

Make something cool for once, like Starcraft 3, and awesome hour-long dramas.

Or maybe like Japan, and make awesome animes.

I don't know, stop acting tough. We already know you aren't. (remember last time?)

Oh, and one more thing. The more you make your citizens say "KIM JONG __ IS SUPER GOOD" the less believable it becomes.

All of us

In all seriousness, though, I doubt they have the capacity to succeed, considering most of their population is in a serious case of the poors and if their leader wasn't so scary to them they would've been torn to shreds by everybody inside already.
I find if kind of funny how these contrys threaten each other with this:"Well my nuke is better then yours,I'm going to wipe you out silly" nonsense...

Dud...If you guys hate each other that much,then why don't you guys just make a antimatter bomb? 1kg of antimatter equalls the most powerful bomb ever detonated...One pound of the antimatter stuff would vaporize the world and the moon maybe....
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