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    I thought now would be the best time to play B2/W2, so I found out why the ROM's weren't working for me and they started working. So I'll do one more gym after this then go back to Kanto. I myself believe that the requirements for B/W should be to beat Ghetsis, but because they aren't, I do them one gym ahead so I can add the Elite Four Rematch as the last thing I do.

    -Began game
    -Named myself Crackin
    -Named my Rival Pepsi
    -Chose Oshawott
    -Caught Sewaddle
    -Named him Geoff; after Geoff from Rooster Teeth
    -Grinded a bit
    -Found the lost Herdier
    -VS Cheren
    --VS Patrat: Bug Bite(x2) w/ Geoff
    --VS Lillipup: Bug Bite(x4) w/ Geoff
    -Obtained Basic Badge


    Geoff [SEWADDLE] Lv14 (M)
    Serious Nature @None
    -String Shot
    -Bug Bite

    And now I am going to catch Venipede and beat Roxie.