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Originally Posted by Kura View Post
Are you happy with what you weigh though? Some people are also naturally just built lighter; so as long as your doctor says it's okay then *thumbs up* :3
I am generally okay with it, but many people who don't really know me ask me to eat more, where as I am like clearing the table like a REAL SNORLAX. That's where the irritating part comes.

Person A: You should eat more!
Me: But I did.
Person A: Don't tell lies kid, kids shouldn't tell lies.

Yeah, that happens all the time.

But I guess I am okay with this weight, since its better for me to be lighter, then I can go to a easier class in National Service when I turn 18. Basicly, yes I need to enlist for National Service, but they seem to group people via their height/weight, with this unproportional height and weight, I can go to an easier class/group in the army.