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    Sign up:

    Name: Luka Sokolov
    Gender: Male
    Physical Age: 24
    Actual Age: 47

    Appearance: Luka is a well built man standing 5’ 8”. His constant exercise leaves him fairly muscular. His eyes are a dull brown and his skin is somewhat pale. He has very short dark brown hair and a fast-growing beard which he shaves only before a mission. He often wears heavy fur winter wear in both realms as it reminds him of home, the only difference being that in limbo he wears his coat’s hood up.

    Luka lives how he feels his parents would have wanted him to, which coincides with what he deems as right. He believes in the ideals of truth and justice, and protecting the weak and innocent, more or less like a stock superhero. However, he is also fiercely loyal with the utmost respect for his elders and superiors. If a mission disagrees with his moral code, he reassures himself he is doing the right thing for a greater good.
    When in public, he can be seen with a light smile on his face at nearly all times. He seems cheerful and mostly untroubled, as well as being quite friendly. Often, his disposition seems far too perfect to be true. It is. Luka’s friends would have described him as kind, compassionate, brave, strong, trustworthy, and an abundance of other praises. He would describe himself with one word: inadequate. He always tries his hardest, but out of the fear that one day he could fail, and bad things could happen because of it. He appears to be near perfect, but in secret borders on the insane when it comes to perfecting himself to avoid that dreaded moment when fate proves that he just wasn’t good enough. Incapable of convincing himself of this, Luka seeks out others to support, protect, or simply befriend in hopes that through them, he can find reassurance of himself. He seeks out what’s in everyone’s best interest. At times, however, he will do so whether or not the person wants it. Luka hides this side of himself the best that he can.
    Luka is also very nostalgic about his former life, as seen by his wardrobe and weapon choice. He will sometimes even visit Earth and pretend that he was still human for a short time.

    Weapon(s): Luka wields a modern trigger-fired crossbow with an attached scope. The weapon is the closest thing to the hunting rifle he grew up with that he could use without being a detriment to his reaper abilities. However, despite it being powerful, it is still slow to reload, so he carries a hunting sword in case of trouble.

    Past Life: Luka was born and raised in Novozybkov,Russia on the border of Belarus. He often enjoyed hunting and developed a keen eye and great accuracy. His father was a technician at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, and Luka had become a police officer by 20 years old. His father was present at the Chernobyl disaster, and died immediately, being at the center of the incident. Luka assisted in the evacuation of the area’s residents, many of whom were already showing signs of radiation sickness. He soon learned that both he and his mother were among the sick, and badly so. He tried hiding his sickness to keep helping the relief effort, but was found out and taken to the hospital. The knowledge that many needed help, and that both he and his mother were dying, and the fact that he could do nothing about it began torturing his mind. Being religious, he would pray to God for some way to help the people around him. This consuming desire led to the development of his magical ability to control illness, something he believed to be a gift from God. He discovered it after he realized he himself was healing, and attempted to aid the other patients in the room. Realizing this was exactly what he asked for, he sought out his mother. With her on the brink of death, he attempted to use his powers only for them to have worn out from excessive use. His inability to save his mother pushed him over the edge and started his failure complex. He was convinced God had given the gift of healing to the wrong person, and he was not good enough to wield it.
    For the next four years, he moved to the United States planning to study and become a doctor, to heal people even without his powers in case they ever failed again. One day he began noticing things were wrong, and felt like he was being followed. His pursuer turned out to be a monster that attacked him in an alleyway one night. The monster had demonic eyes and pale skin as well as fangs, and wouldn’t die when Luka shot him. He ran, throwing what he could at the creature in the midst of his escape. He was lucky when he encountered a hobo heating up next to a bonfire inside a barrel and knocked the barrel into the beast. The flames consumed it, and not long after, he found himself having been taken to limbo.

    Special Gifts/Talents: Aside from Luka’s impeccable marksmanship, he has the ability to heal disease. This extends into the power to inflict a variety of illnesses onto others, but has vowed never to do so.

    Any Other Info: Nope.
    I'll put something cool here eventually.
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