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    Originally Posted by xVaporeon View Post
    Post whatever theories you've heard of - true or false c:
    I decided to start a thread like this as I am highly interested in this stuff

    Mine would probably be the Mew and Ditto Theory. For those of you who don't know:

    First of all, both Mew and Ditto weigh 8.8 lbs. They both can learn Transform, and also have the same colour scheme (aswell as their shinies), they both can learn every move, Mew is said to contain the DNA of every single Pokemon, and Ditto can breed with nearly every single Pokemon. They both have the same number of base stats in every category - Mew's base stats are all 100, while Ditto's are 48. They are also both genderless.

    Basic plot
    They say that in the Pokemon Mansion on Cinnabar Island (Pokemon Yellow) was the place where the experiments between Mew and Mewtwo took place, and they also say that Mewtwo was the ONLY successful clone - implying that there have been other failed clones. Also, Ditto can be found in the Pokemon Mansion (and in Cerulean Cave) - which basically convinced me that the Ditto/Mew theory is true. Also, out of every single Pokemon, only Mew and Ditto are able to learn Transform naturally.

    This may have been already proved true/false, but if you haven't heard about it, I'd suggest you look into it. It's VERY interesting!

    Post any of the theories you've heard? I'd love to hear!

    I've gathered this information from different websites and from things I've figured out myself (such as where Ditto can be found). c:
    I also have come to accept the 'Ditto/Mew Theory'. There are quite a lot of Pokémon theories... It's hard to pick just one. I've written articles on a few of them on this forum.

    One theory that intrigues me is the 'Dead Raticate Theory'. It basically claims that:

    A ~ In Pokémon RBY, the player battles their rival aboard the S.S. Anne; the rival uses a Raticate.
    B ~ The player next meets their rival at the Pokémon Tower in Lavender Town; a place which is effectively a Pokémon cemetery, where dead Pokémon are buried.
    C ~ The player's rival, before battling with the player again, gives a short speech about the loss of a Pokémon.
    D ~ When the player battles their rival, the rival no longer uses a Raticate.

    Conclusion: the theory basically concludes that the player injured their rival's Raticate very badly during the battle aboard the S.S. Anne; injuries which led to its death, which is why the rival went to the Pokémon Tower to lay it to rest, which is why he, of course, does not use it in battle against the player.

    It's a slightly morbid idea for some; many Pokémon fans will refuse to believe it. I for one though have long been convinced.

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