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    So I love drawing pokemon trainers and gym leaders. I'm not much of an artist, but I have fun. So here's various pokemon drawings, including fakemon i drew! You are free to use them in games you create provide you tell me beforehand. And I can design anything you want if you just PM me!

    "Blue" is my online nickname, not intended to be a reference to the original gym leader/rival xD My real name does have something to do with water. But this is probably my second favorite design, even though it's basically me.

    A design for a rival, Effie, and a gym leader, Autumn. Autumn's design is probably my absolute favorite.

    Aura, a Dragon-type gym leader. Not my favorite one.

    Colton, probably the best guy I've drawn, which isn't saying much. xD Ice type gym leader, his gym is full of slopes and ramps, etc.
    Onto Gijinkas!

    Now for fakemon!
    Aaaaand stuff I made!

    A starmie I did for my HGSS Misty cosplay for Otakon 2012. Said cosplay I am too embarrassed to post just yet, but if someone recognizes this starmie from otakon, feel free to post a pic.
    I am the Dragonairborn!
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