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It looks like your last post must have more recent artwork, in that the construction of the humans seems a lot more anatomically correct than the earlier stuff, but as well all are aware, humans aren't exactly the easier thing to draw.

That's a horrible opener. I'm sorry. I actually do like what you have, I think I was just typing based on the last thing I saw. I feel like you can really only get much better from here, though, if you keep it up. I'll say this much, at least you can do gijinka. I... can't, so I don't. I cannot for the life of me draw manga style humans, it's so difficult. And then they only end up looking worse when I append animal ears or whatever on them. I leave that stuff to the professionals, hah.

You make it work, as clearly seen in your Celebi illustration. They all look a little different, noticably the eyes. Are they different characters, or different interpretations of the same? I also like the Clefable one, and it took me a while to pick up on the Sailor Moon theme she has going. So overall, you have clarity in your pictures. I know what they're supposed to represent, and the details that go along with each picture works well without clashing.

The clay stuff, that's so cool. It is pretty hard, though. My sister was always better at it than me. I love that you did Parasect, another favorite! He needs more love all the time. The Skitty photos are plain cute, though. Love the cupcake setup. In fact, I actually really like that you go through the trouble of modeling set pieces, too. Talk about going above and beyond.

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