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    Originally Posted by KriegStein View Post
    Another tgeory fan?! Awesome. Hmm. My favourites have all been said. Its hard to think anything. Wait now I know.(POSSIBLE SPOILERS FOR HG AND SS) My favourite subject team rocket. More precisely Giovanni. And his possible suicide. Ok. This happens in Hg and Ss. You need the Celebi event. Celebi takes you back in time and eventualy to Tohno falls. There you find Giovanni listening to the team rocket broadcast. He then says various things and fights the player. After his defeat he says something like "again? I lost to a kid? All this training worthless?" (context is the same) Then he exists the cave. (which is at the falls.) Now interesting is the sound that plays is not the vasic exit sound. Its more like a splash. So he jumps to the falls? Possible. This is the basic form of the theory. Now few other theories emerge from this. Fans argue about does he actualy drown or does he survive and what happens. I think its sad if Giovanni would die after just having made his way back to the series. :/
    Nah he isnt dead.He is in the WPT in Black 2/White 2 which is years later.

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