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    Originally Posted by Einarsson View Post
    I wasn't really considering EV training anyway, as just training is boring enough already.

    As for the moves, do you have any tips?

    What about the sixth Pokémon, got any tips there too?

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    * Is Thunder Fang an egg move on Arcanine? If so, where do I get a Heart Scale?
    If you aren't going to EV train, I suggest Thunderbolt instead of Thunderpunch on Electivire, because Thunderbolt's higher power makes more difference in a mixed set. You can have Ice Punch on Electivire as well, it's superior to Hidden Power in-game and you don't need to hack to get one quickly. Your Electabuzz is low level, so you can afford to breed. To get Cross Chop and Ice Punch on Electivire, you need to breed him with a Machop that knows both these moves, but Machop only gets Ice Punch through breeding as well. The breeding chain is then Hitmonchan/Medicham>>>Machop>>>Elekid. The last move can be either Earthquake or Flamethrower. I suggest Flamethrower because you can buy the TM with coins, but Earthquake is more useful to get rid of opposing Electric-types and runs off Electivire's stronger attacking stat.

    For Arcanine, Flare Blitz and ExtremeSpeed are no brainers. PlatinumDude listed the only other worthwhile moves for Arcanine this gen. To get all of these moves, you need to evolve Growlithe at L48 (when he learns Flare Blitz), then use Heart Scales to learn Thunder Fang and ExtremeSpeed. Thunder Fang is a starting move for Arcanine only so it can only be learned with a Heart Scale.

    For Dragonite, you'd need a lot of Heart Scales... Learn Aqua Tail again, then Fire Punch. Alternatively you can teach him Waterfall. The good thing about Dragonite is that all of his egg moves are crap, with exception of a few he learns by level anyway (like Dragon Dance), so to get the best of him you only need to breed him with Dragonite itself (or Ditto). Keep ExtremeSpeed and replace Dragon Rush with Outrage.

    When I said "any move works in-game", I wasn't being literal, but for example in-game is offensively biased so even with a defensive Pokémon, you might want to give him a set that allows him to attack effectively. A Whirlwind/Toxic/Stealth Rock/Roost Skarmory is a great Pokémon competitively (even if ruined by Taunt), but is completely useless in-game, as well as a pain to raise (note: Skarmory generally sucks in-game, the best birds in-game are Staraptor and Dodrio). Type matchups are most important in-game. Also, you don't have to give your Pokémon the absolute best it can learn. For example, dual-screens might not be that good in competitive play because they take two turns to set up and you might be wasting your time, but in-game they work very well because they're simply enough to give you an edge. So, for Meganium, I'd go with Light Screen/Reflect/Leech Seed(or Body Slam/Synthesis)/Petal Dance(or Energy Ball). Leech Seed is an egg move, though. Meganium also gets Leaf Storm as an egg move but I don't recommend it because Meganium himself isn't powerful enough (offensively speaking) to abuse it. It's more suited to Pokémon like Exeggutor which have huge Sp.Atk.

    I have no idea what to suggest for sixth Pokémon since there are so many of them... Your team currently can't handle Fighting, even though you have Dragonite... And you don't have any Water-types. I hate Water but I consider it a necessity for every team to have a Water Pokémon in-game. Starmie would fit your team nicely, it learns Electric, Ice and Psychic moves (besides Water) so it can be very useful against Lance in the rematch.

    My team sucked when I fought Red, but I had stuff like Draco Meteor on Kingdra so I could do fine.

    Finally, to get Heart Scales you can break rocks in certain places, but it's more consistent to use the Pokéathlon instead.

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