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    Oh boy haha, I have a LONG list saved up xD

    216 Absorbency Increases the amount of HP regain from HP-stealing moves.
    214 Aloof Ignores stat modifiers on both sides.
    197 Ancient Mind When the Pokémon's health is low, the power of special moves
    187 Antagonist Raises Attack by one upon landing a hit, lowers defense by one
    after taking a hit.
    247 Artifice Attacks have a 10% chance of making the foe flinch.
    175 Berserker Raises Attack one stage upon being hit by a direct move.
    179 Big Jaws Raises the power of Bite moves.
    257 Bloodsucker Increases the amount of HP regain from HP-stealing moves.
    260 Bodyguard If an ally would be KOed by the foe's attack, the Pokémon will take
    the attack instead.
    263 Bonfire Increases attack when hit by a Fire-type move.
    217 Bounty Maxes out speed if the Pokémon becomes trapped by a move or
    176 Bracer Raises defense one stage upon taking a direct hit.
    242 Brass Heart Reduces damage taken from Dark, Ghost, and Bug-type moves.
    185 Brutalist Lower's the opponent's defense when the Pokémon hits them.
    210 Burn Heal Restores HP when burned.
    245 Cautious The Pokémon is unaffected by entry hazards.
    212 Chaos Aura Contact with the Pokémon may cause burn, freeze, or confusion.
    234 Clear Mind If the Pokémon gets the first hit after being sent out, it becomes a
    guaranteed critical hit.
    193 Cleric Status conditions are cured the turn after they are contracted.
    189 Cloud Cover Summons fog upon entering battle.
    225 Clutch Raises attack when HP is low.
    170 Cold Body Has a 30% chance of freezing the opponent when hit by a direct
    167 Cold Feet Boosts the Pokémon's speed in hail.
    219 Cornered Increases the power of Normal-type moves in a pinch.
    246 Crafty Increases the power of Dark-type moves in a pinch.
    204 Crybaby Has 30% chance to lower foe Attack upon damaging the Pokémon.
    261 Decoy Will take the first hit of all of the foe's Pokémon.
    230 Desperation Powers up Fighting-type moves in a pinch.
    199 Distortion Raises Defense when hit by a Special move and raises Special
    Defense when hit by a Physical move.
    218 Doppelgänger Each time the foe has its stats raised, the Pokémon gains the
    same stat increases.
    195 Eagle Eye The Pokémon's moves will always hit, regardless of accuracy or
    168 Escapeartist When hit by a OHKO move, the Pokémon retains 1 HP and
    switches with an available party member.
    275 ExplosiveGas When hit by a Fire-type move, damages both Pokémon for 1/4
    total HP.
    259 Ferocious Consecutive attacks do 1.1x more damage.
    272 Fire Alarm If the Pokémon is hit by a Fire-type move or afflicted by a burn, it
    may switch out with a waiting party member.
    237 Fisticuffs Cancels out the effects of the foe's held item and ability. The
    Pokémon's held item (if any) cannot be used.
    186 Florist Increases Special Attack by one stage when hit by a Water, Fire,
    or Ground-type move, although damage is still taken.
    262 Frighten Lower's the foe's speed.
    266 Generator Raises special attack when hit by a special move.
    256 Greedy Doubles the amount of prize money won after a battle.
    271 Hardheaded Boost the power of Headbutt moves.
    165 Hibernator The Pokémon sleeps longer, but is woken up if hit by a Physical
    208 Huge Voice Raises the power of sound-based moves.
    232 Humble The power of moves is increased, but the foe will always strike
    258 Iron Will Raises the power of Steel moves in a pinch.
    207 Legendary Cancels out the foe's effect while the Pokémon is in battle.
    240 Low Power Lowers attack and special attack when HP is below 1/3.
    220 Magician Raises special attack by one when hit by a Psychic, Ghost, or
    Dark-type move, but damage is still taken.
    181 Materialist The Pokémon cannot have its held item removed except by using
    it itself.
    226 MeltingPoint When hit by a fire-type move or when afflicted by a burn, the
    Pokémon's speed rises by 1, although damage is still taken
    205 Migraines When confused, the Pokémon's attack stat maxes out.
    215 Mind Synch Passes on sleep, freeze, and confusion to foe.
    200 Mirage Skin The Pokémon may randomly gain Substitute-status.
    177 Mischievous Raises speed one stage upon taking damage from an attack.
    206 Mud Body Restores HP when hit by a Ground-type move.
    253 Mud Shell When hit by a Water-type move, raises defense by 1.
    224 Natural Oils The Pokémon is immune to Water-type moves and their effects.
    192 Odd Vibes Contact with the Pokémon may cause confusion.
    231 Onrush Increases the power of Tackle moves.
    276 Phantasma Pokémon is immune to Ground-type moves and damage from all
    entry hazards.
    241 Pitcher Redundant moves have their power increased. (Ice Ball, etc.)
    228 Poison Stow Poisons any foe who uses an HP stealing move on the Pokémon.
    213 Power Engine Raises attack by one stage each turn.
    251 Power Surge Raises attack and special attack when hit by an Electric-move.
    184 Presence Disables the opponent from using its held item in battle.
    183 Prescience Alerts the trainer of the foe's most dangerous move.
    166 Prideful Raises the Pokémon's attack by one stage when hit by a physical
    191 Primal Power When the Pokémon's health is low, the power of physical moves
    223 Purify Heals status conditions during hail weather.
    173 Quickdraw Pokémon will always score the first hit on the turn it is sent into
    274 Radiation Has a 30% of poisoning the foe upon contact from its direct attack.
    270 Rage Mode Changes the Pokémon's shape when HP is halved.
    198 Raincoat Boosts evasion in rainy weather.
    208 Randomizer The power of the Pokémon's moves is increased but it's attacks
    are chosen at random.
    244 Reprisal Increases the power of Revenge moves slightly.
    211 Rugged Body Restores 1/16 HP each turn in sandstorm weather.
    174 Rust Molt Raises speed by one stage when hit by a direct attack.
    267 Rustbucket Lowers speed when hit by a Water-type move, but raises attack.
    221 Sand Refresh Heals status conditions during a sandstorm.
    190 Scout Removes all entry hazards upon entering battle.
    178 Sharp Claws Scratch and Slash moves have their power increased.
    227 ShortCircuit When hit by a Water-type move the Special Attack stat increases
    sharply, although critical damage is taken.
    194 Slime Coat Prevents burn and protects against the residual damage of moves.
    229 Spiky Body Damages foe upon being directly attacked.
    188 Spongey The Pokémon absorbs Water-type and Poison-type moves,
    taking minimum damage.
    252 Steambelly When hit by a Water-type move, lowers the foe's Accuracy by 1.
    243 Stimulator Increases the chance of the secondary effects of the Pokémon's
    moves activating.
    273 Stinkpot Lowers the foe's special defense by 1 when its attack knocks the
    Pokémon out.
    180 Strange Aura The power of moves that hit the Pokémon are decreased if they
    are not the same type as the Pokémon.
    202 Stun Boost Raises Attack to 1.5x when paralyzed.
    235 Swordsman Raises the power of Blade moves.
    196 Temperate Sometimes saves PP of a move.
    249 Thick Fur Raises resistance to Fire- and Ice-type moves.
    250 Thick Wool Restores HP when hit by an Electric-type move.
    254 Third Eye Removes the foe's immunities to Psychic or Ghost-type moves.
    169 Thrill Raises attack by one stage when the Pokémon damages an
    269 Timebomb After the fifth turn, the Pokémon will self-destruct, damaging the
    foe, although the Pokémon still faints.
    255 Toxic Smoke May poison the foe on contact.
    171 Traitorous Super-effective moves have their power increased.
    248 Tune Cloak Changes secondary type to resist the last-used move by the foe.
    268 Tune Gears Speed will either fall by 1 or rise by 2 each turn.
    236 Turbulence Speed boosts are doubled.
    239 Typhlosis Pokémon is not affected by Sight moves.
    201 Water Wheel Raises speed when hit by a Water move.
    264 Vanguard If the Pokémon scores the first hit, the damage is increased by 1.1x
    233 Vengeful Raises Attack by 1 if the foe knocks out an ally Pokémon or an ally
    faints from the effect of a foe's effect or ability.
    238 Warrior Soul Pokémon has a 25% chance to survive a hit by halving its HP
    when HP is below 1/2.
    209 Water Store The Pokémon does not take damage in sandstorm weather and
    restores 1/16 HP each turn in sunny weather
    203 Weak Willed Lowers attack, defense, and speed by one each turn.
    222 Windmill Raises speed by 1 stage when hit by a Flying-type move.
    Oh my lump.
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