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    Originally Posted by dbp View Post
    There's a reason the designs became more streamlined in the first generation in the first place. Compare Sugimori's Red/Green art to the way the Pokemon look now. Check out how much asymmetry is in the old designs. Cool, right? Now try drawing those little details in an animation over and over and over and over and over again. And that's just for a 5 second bit of footage. Do this again for months, and you've finally got an episode. Oh wait, you're not finished yet, now do the other 51 episodes! You can see why they made stuff easier over time.

    I symphathize with animators, so I like the first 151 because they're simplistic. Though I'd agree Gyarados probably has one of the more complex designs.
    Yeah, the simplicity of the original 151 is something I can definitely appreciate. Sometimes the new designs can be a bit much, and the older Pokemon are a nice relief. As for Gyarados, I do agree that it had one of the most complex designs of the generation, but then again, it's a Chinese Dragon, and Chinese dragons are overall more complex.

    I guess this is as good a time as any to change the topic. New topic: Which gym leader gave you the most trouble in the games? For me, it'd be Misty. That damn Starmie, it always beats me.
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