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Aaand I have just beaten the champion! :D Lost to Wallace a few times before I finally beat him, his Milotic was a huge pain in the behind. In the end Stun Spore and Attract did the trick.


Blaziken ♀ | Hardy | Lv. 51 | Gift
Earthquake, Blaze Kick, Bulk Up, Double Kick (forgot to teach it Brick Break lol)

Delcatty ♀ | Careful | Lv. 49 | Attract
Faint Attack, Return, Rock Smash, Attract

Vileplume ♀ | Timid | Lv. 52 | Flower
Giga Drain, Petal Dance, Stun Spore, Sludge Bomb

Jon ♂ | Jolly | Lv. 54 | Valentine
Slash, Double Team, Shadow Ball, Swords Dance

Volbeat ♂ | Quirky | Lv. 39 | Duo
Quick Attack, Signal Beam, Tail Glow, Moonlight (stopped training him as much by the 7th badge because he got too hard to use)

Milotic ♀ | Naughty | Lv. 54| Pink
Surf, Ice Beam, Hydro Pump, Waterfall (pre-E4; post-E4 Facade, Rest, Ice Beam, Dive for contests)

So now I can mark this challenge as c o m p l e t e!


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