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    Wow it's been awhile since I posted here.
    I was stranded outside of the house yesterday for 6 hours (that one time when I forget the keys while going out with my dog...), because I don't usually carry an ID or anything during that and I didn't want to pay 30€ just for some guy to open a door. So... yeah, after 3 hours of wandering through the city with my dog, mooching off a Bagel Brunch from a friend (to share with my dog, we hadn't even eaten anything) and saving my phone battery we walked back to the apartment and sat down at the stairs as comfortably as we could and I started to play my HeartGold. (Earlier I was reading up on news with the 3DS browser.)

    So um... Last time I updated I was training up for Clair?
    Wow, ages ago. Seriously.

    Lance was a cookie, though Markov and Mania did most of the job on beating up his Dragonites.

    Uhm... So I'm already at Kanto.
    Having just finished up beating Blue and his team of variety channel.
    And I was training up at Mt.Silver for Red. And a bit at the E4.
    Dat Pikachu... also Lance and his... ummm Bohmander (don't remember it's English name). Using rest so often should be illegal.

    After a few trips all around places for items and we were ready to go. WTB Fly?
    So Red himself.
    I have to be honest, I've never bothered to fight him even on my original japanese SoulSilver. I'm still just chilling there with him, watching the snow and all. But with 3 hours of time to kill I had to do something...

    I've never been so happy with Toxic and Earthquake.
    (I actually waited for the date to roll over here, it's already 14th here, because it felt more fitting to end it then. Also gave me time to sleep... and make the top picture.)
    And yeah, the final team is this:

    Mamba (Meganium) | level 83 | Yache Berry | Flower
    Energy Ball / Petal Dance / Natural Gift / PoisonPowder

    Mayu (Delcatty) | level 80 | Chople Berry | Attract
    Wake-up Slap / Attract / Grass Knot / Fake Out

    Merri (Flaaffy) | level 85 | Quick Claw | Pink
    Power Gem / Discharge / Signal Beam / Rock Smash

    Markov (Nidoking) | level 83 | Expert Belt | Duo
    Rock Climb / Earthquake / Shadow Claw / Waterfall

    Markus (Sudowoodo) | Level 82 | Focus Sash | Valentine
    Wood Hammer / Drain Punch / Rock Slide / Strength

    Mania (Vaporeon) | Level 84 | Sitrus Berry | Gift
    Shadow Ball / Ice Beam / Toxic / Surf