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Originally Posted by Cosmotone8 View Post
Username: Cosmotone8
2 Legendary Pokémon Partners: Dialga & Xerneas (If Xerneas isn't okay, then I'll take Latias)
Answer a Topic: I'm going to go with Olli on this topic. Pokemon can be manipulated into being good or evil, just like people. No Pokemon is directly bad from the beginning, maybe just influenced into being that way.
On the Xerneas and Yvetal, subject, I like Xerneas a LOT. Way better than any of the Gen V mascots, that's for sure. As for types, I'm going to guess that its a Grass-Ghost type, but I'm not sure that will stand with the supposed new type being released.
Oh yeah, I forgot all about their typings. On the whole discussion about whether Xerneas might have multiple typings; while I think it'd be cool, I also think it'd either make it really OP or way too hard to use, depending on how the typings are chosen. If it was random from battle to battle, with a specific moveset for each typing, I don't know how well I'd take it. It could be really great, but it could also potentially ruin a team set-up, which wouldn't really make it that great to use at any time. And if you chose typings yourself, it would basically just be another Arceus, just without the need of the plates. It's most likely a dual typing of Grass and something else, although I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

Yveltal seems more straightforward. It looks like a Flying/Dark type, and I guess there may be more to it, like an alternate form or something, but that's about all I can see from it right now.