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Noctis ♂ lv. 49
Keen Eye | Relaxed
[ Confusion, Hypnosis, Reflect, Fly ]

Faline ♀ lv. 50 @ Silk Scarf
Run Away | Sassy
[ Iron Tail, Helping Hand, Quick Attack, Strength ]

Diaega ♀ lv. 49 @ Quick Claw
Serene Grace | Lax
[ Toxic, Fire Blast, Glare, Return ]

Blitzen ♂ lv. 49
Intimidate | i'll check later
[ Light Screen, Take Down, Solarbeam, Hypnosis ]

Calypso ♀ lv. 46
Run Away | dsafldsf
[ Swift, Fury Swipes, Tickle, Baton Pass ]

Granbull ♀ lv. 43+
Intimidate | ???
[ Shadow Rush, Strength, Roar, Scary Face ]

After all her hard work on the team, I decided to purify Swablu along with Stantler. I just couldn't leave a Swablu of all things with a locked up heart! She was named Ariana and I evolved her and boxed her. Stantler was named Blitzen and got some moveset upgrades that helped a ton. I cleared a lot of areas on Mt. Battle to start working on getting the TMs for Flamethrower, Thunderbolt, and Ice Beam. My favorites! Then I went to the Shadow Pokemon Lab and caught my two final party members, Aipom and Granbull. After completing some more areas of Mt. Battle and clearing out a round of Pyrite Colosseum, Aipom was purified and named Calypso however will probably not be a permanent party member once I'm able to trade. I only have one more Pokemon left to Snag in the Lab, that Pokemon being Raikou so wish me luck!

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