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This is odd. Why am I not part of this club yet?

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I think you should just look at it to be honest, countryemo. Unless you're really rich and you'd like to preserve it as an unopened copy, in which case you can buy another one. If it were me though, I'd have read that already! I don't get those kinds of merchandise often, the last I've gotten was the Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Ultimania, and despite how difficult it was procuring that, the merch probably pales in comparison to the content of the Hyrule Historia. Haha.

In other news, I'm really excited to see Wind Waker in the Wii U! Probably never gonna get the console unless they release a spectacular Smash Bros. sequel there, but yeah. I've never actually played Wind Waker, so that's one incentive to get the game if ever, I suppose. I wonder if they'll implement motion controls like Skyward Sword did.