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Bug: Scolipede, because it saved me a bunch of times in Pokemon White
Dark: Krookodile, because it's just that epic. It also reminds me of Guilmon for some reason...
Dragon: Dragonite, thanks to a certain YouTube video
Electric: Luxray, I mean COME ON! It's a LION that shoots LIGHTNING!
Fighting: Mienshao, the KUNG FU FERRET THING!
Fire: Charizard, best of the characters in SSBB!
Flying: Pidgeot, had one lv 90-something in Yellow as a kid.
Ghost: Cohagrigus, because I like Egyptian stuff
Grass: Torterra, my first level 100!
Ground: Rhyperior, ROCK WRECKER!
Ice: Beartic, because it's a polar bear with an ICE BEARD!
Normal: Bouffalant, the afro bison. Need I explain?
Poison: Skuntank, comical cry.
Psychic: Xatu, I really like the design and name
Rock: Armaldo, due to its stats
Steel: Magnezone, its a UFO!
Water: Kingdra, because it's majestic like that
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