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    Luka Sokolov - Chapter 1-4: The Calm Before the Storm

    Luka stood and watched as the argument continued further, Destiny joining the fray in an effort to restore order. He beamed upon hearing her commendation of him before re-thinking it and seeing the important part, "for at least trying". It was sort of like a participation award, meant to make the lesser people feel better about themselves but was really more like physical proof that you were in fact lesser, a joke award. Still, at least being acknowledged individually by her was something.

    Soon the feud died down, and in it's wake there was a plan. Apparently Destiny and Adrian intended to sneak through the windows. Luka had thought them far too small for any person to enter, but if Destiny had a plan for them he wouldn't question it. Nox maintained his role at the door, although now primarily as a distraction instead of an infiltrator, and he was to cover for him. He sincerely hoped his only targets would be vampires, though, since his hunting had made aiming for the heart second nature, but is doubt over the abilities of the harbingers would no doubt shake his nerves. Once the team was in, he would need to join the battle up close. Against the harbingers. All eight of them, if things didn't go according to plan, and it was entirely possible things wouldn't go according to plan. Luka groaned loudly at the thought, but shoved it into a corner in his mind. He couldn't be thinking like that when it was time for action, or else he could jeopardize the mission. But his mind soon began conjuring all the ways he could truly jeopardize the mission, then all the ways it could fail in general. Luka slammed his head on a wall, though careful still not to make too much noise, and just left it hanging on that wall. I hate you, train of thought...

    A question from Adrian lifted him from his stupor. "Does anyone here have any special gifts beyond the usual?" Luka looked up and was about to say no when he thought for a moment. Was there any way his gift could be of use here? He was pretty sure Vampirism didn't count as a disease, and even if it did, curing it still wouldn't help anything. What about the "other" gift? There were various illnesses at his disposal that caused fatigue and headaches, and there were many other, more complex ones that could disrupt breathing or maybe even cause blindness. He still wasn't quite sure how that power worked, since he never really experimented with it, but still, maybe-

    Luka stopped himself before he could finish that thought. No, he had sworn to never use that ability, no matter what. He had been so worried about failing the mission and the team that he had considered breaking his vow. Thinking too much really didn't seem to be healthy. Luka turned to Adrian and simply said, "No, nothing that would help us here," before turning away again. He looked to the horizon to see that the sun had nearly fallen below it entirely. Soon it would be go-time, and he would need to be ready. Luka began moving to a position on another roof where he would have an optimal view of the door and the surrounding area. He wouldn't be able to use his window idea unless he was much closer, but that would be for when the action actually started. He lifted his crossbow and peered through the scope once more, ready to begin. He moved a hand and fingered the hilt of his sword, none too fond of the idea of using it, before bringing his attention back to the bow. He was all set, and it was up to his team to get the ball rolling.
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