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    Nox Fenoir

    As he stood on the rooftop, Nox looked off into the distance watching the setting sun. The sky took on an increasingly darker hue as the minutes passed, signaling the approach of night. Soon enough they would have to begin the first phase of the mission. Before he could add more input regarding how they should go about overtaking the abandoned warehouse, Nox noticed a couple of the others preparing themselves. Luka's demeanor changed as he steadied himself to provide cover on the rooftop once the fight began, and Adrian moved into position on the side of the warehouse.

    "Well I guess it's on then," said Nox quietly to himself.

    He jumped down from the rooftop and back into the alleyway where he had previously been hiding in disguise. Careful not to look suspicious, he wrapped the worn out blanket around him and removed the two bone needles hidden in his hair, freeing it from its ponytail. His long dreadlocks fell to his back as he stuffed the needles into his pockets. He saw Adrian waiting close by and nodded to him before shuffling up to the door of the warehouse. Nox knocked and nudged the door somewhat erratically, making it seem as an accident as opposed to a deliberate knock. Almost immediately, the door creaked open and he was greeted by several vampires.

    "You have no business here blind man," one of them hissed. "Leave."

    "My apologies sir, I-I was only trying to find my way," responded Nox in a hoarse voice unlike his own.

    "Now let's not be hasty, I'm sure we can offer this man some temporary...shelter," said the other vampire slyly, a fanged grin appearing on his face. The two exchanged greedy looks as they gently ushered him through the doorway and closed the door behind them.

    Once inside, Nox was careful not to focus his vision on one spot because it would reveal his false blindness. Instead he shifted his eyes this way and that, trying to gather as much information as he could. The inside of the warehouse smelled very old and dank, and was dimly lit by candles. There were easily over thirty vampires inside, and Nox could see them baring their fangs at him. The two vampires who greeted him at the door were leading them toward the group of Harbingers, who seemed to be preparing for some sort of demonic ritual. As he shuffled along, Nox momentarily locked eyes with one of the vampires and she hissed loudly at him.

    "I must make my!" thought Nox.

    Without hesitation, he threw the blanket from around him and retrieved his bone needles, extending them into bone spears. He quickly drove the spear through the heart of one of the vampires escorting him, disposing of him quickly. As the others began to converge on him Nox violently jerked the weapon from the vampire's chest cavity and threw the bloody spear through the door, forcing it open to signal the others and allowing them entry into the warehouse. The bloody slaying had now started.


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