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    Kalek Noire - Chapter 1

    Kalek ran along the rooftops, not reply caring that he was leavin the other Reaper that he'd been assigned with in the dust. He leapt over a gap, and ducked under a wire as he landed. The thing that he enjoyed the most was that the mission was search and destroy. Exactly what he'd trained for and done for 16 years before his conversion. Kalek slid along the roof tiles, jumping at the last minute. He grabbed a windowsill as he reached the other building, and was back onto the roof in almost an instant. Off he went, yet again. He loved the feeling of running alon the roofs. Not much to hinder you, and not much that could hide from you. He came to a stop at a major street, quite a few lanes across, and looked back for the other Reaper. Seeing that he was still quite a ways ahead, Kalek sat down on the roof, making himself comfortable. He'd wait. He had to. In fact, he shouldn't have run ahead, but really, who gave a damn? The other guy could take care of himself from what he'd heard around Limbo.

    Kalek sat up and said to himself, "Now, where might that target be hiding..." He jumped down from the roof, using various holds along the building to slow his descent. Once he was on the ground, he drew his longsword. Just about anything could easily attack him down here. Kalek began his prowl through the streets, his cloak making him no more than a tattered shadow that could hardly be seen by the unaided eye. He continued down the street, converging on his comrade's position while still remaining alert to his surroundings. He eventually made it to him, and came out of the shadows. He asked, "You find anything yet?"
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